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Published by J.Downie under on 4:31 PM
Just like our family Christmas Cards every year, I feel like hand-crafting a Valentine's card for my one-and-only (and of course my kids) but wait until the last minute and then say 'F' it.  I did make something on the computer and printed it out, but it just isn't as nice as a hand-made valentine.  However, I did find the time to research the internet for some sweet designs with the intent to create.

I love these cute collage and potato print cards that I came across on Life's a Craft Project.  Maybe I could be a cool mom next year and make cards for my kids to hand out in school.  However, the comic ones that you buy in the grocery store are way cooler in their minds. 

Want to watercolor?  Make a card like the one (to the left) by Courtney Khail.  It's simple and creative. You use masking fluid to draw a design on paper and go over with with water color. I bet it could be done with white or colored crayons too.  I saw this one and a couple other cool ones on Modern Kiddo.

And here's one that I'll totally have to remember for next year.  I bet the other kids in the class would get a kick out of a 3D picture valentine!   This visually tantalizing V-day card was found on Design Mom

Don't have the time.. How about just some cool printables? Mod Podge Rocks treats you to some free printables so you can share your love in a quick, creative way. Coffee anyone?

I could go on and on with cool ideas and sites that I found.  But I have to go hug my Valentine. : )

Did you make any Valentine's Cards this year?  Or receive a special hand-made card?


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