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Published by J.Downie under on 4:47 PM
This past weekend our happy little westy had a trip to a cold and windy place called Happy Valley.  The family, including our black lab mix Proto, got dressed in our blue and white to go route for the good ‘ole Nittany Lion.  It was the usual tailgating scene beforehand. The kids had fun playing a game of catch the leaves and Proto got some treats from fellow dog lovers.  They had so much fun that Kirra fell asleep during the first half of the game.  I think I would need to drink way too much in order to fall asleep during a loud football game.  But then again, that would be called passing out.  

The kids never seem to last a whole Penn State game.  After they had their share of excitement, we cruised over the mountain to Raystown Lake enjoying the foliage along the way. After setting up camp and hitting the trails for some epic mountain biking, we sat around the warmth of the camp fire. Proto was in his glory reliving his younger days when he would run along while mountain biking in Vermont and free roaming in the great outdoors.  A good dog is a tired dog.  

One of the best things of camping is to partake in a tasty cold one, like a good IPA from Dogfish Head and roasting some marshmallows for s’mores while watching the glow of the flames.  As I sat there snuggled in a fuzzy blanket watching the sparks fly off the wood and hoping not to be drowned out by the smoke, I noticed an alarming aroma of skunk fill the air.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm, Proto went into the woods a few minutes ago.”  Yes, you guessed it.  Proto got sprayed by a skunk. We called for him a few times, then slowly and meekly he wandered up from the woods knowing he was in trouble.  So, what do you do with a skunky dog while you’re camping? We didn’t have the old reliable tomato juice, dog shampoo, or even dish soap. We did find a packet of Tide Laundry detergent which was the best we could come up with.  It did not completely work but he was better.  Our drive home the next day was accompanied by the lovely aroma of our skunk-tide smelling dog.  

Here’s a tip on how to wash the smell away.  After getting home and doing some research, he was washed with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.  Do not get it into his eyes or ears.  He still has a slight skunk aroma but it’s much better than before.  

Note to self: put a light on your black dog’s collar to help keep tabs on him while camping.

Exercising patience in situations where you have no control is vital. (Sandie Roman)


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