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Published by J.Downie under on 12:31 PM

“Life is so great that we only get a tiny moment to enjoy everything we see. And that moment is right now.” 

-Neil Pasricha
I saw this quote on It made me think of some tiny moments that I enjoyed this past weekend.  I got to spend time with my family at Christian’s last soccer game of the season.  The team was generously sponsored by the Vein Center which provided the awesome trophies for the kids.  That evening, we had an impromptu PSU party with some incredible friends.  Sunday morning was blessed with a mountain bike ride with my pup, proto.  The crunchy leaves covered all the rocks, in turn making for a bumpier ride than I was expecting.  The crisp air left me refreshed for a lunch date with my girls.  I cherish the times I get to spend with my friends.  It happens a lot less then what it should.  The weekend rounded out with a nice evening at home with the husband, kids, and a gigantic spider in our living room.  Eeeek
What are some of your favorite moments? 



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