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Published by J.Downie under on 3:49 PM
The village was alive with ghosts and goblins lurking around for Trick-Or-Treat this past Monday.  It was a fun and festive time with friends ushering our kids from door to door.  But it wouldn’t be Halloween without the chaos and rushing around beforehand.  I even left work a little early to try and tackle the task of getting things ready without the rush.  As we gobbled down some pizza, I unpacked the mess of costumes from the kids’ book bags.  Okay, Kirra’s Princess stuff… check.  Christian’s Mad Scientist gear… uncheck.  Christian looked shocked and upset that his costume was not in his book bag since he swears he put it there.  My son is a really smart and sweet boy but he would lose his hair if it wasn’t attached.  Luckily I spiked his hair for their school Halloween party using moose, hair gel, wax stuff and hair spray. He definitely was not losing his hair today, or maybe he would with that much product in it. 

Next set in Christian's biggest scare of the evening-- not being able to go Trick-or-Treating.  After drying some tears and reassuring that he could go, we moved onto plan B. Call Fuzzy Papa for another Dr.’s Jacket and scrub shirt to create the Mad Scientist look again.  But could we really wait for him to show up?  Sound the horn - Dad to the rescue.  With some swift snips of the scissor, face paint and fake blood, Christian was the happiest Zombie on the block complete with a bloody sword.  I’m pretty pleased that this year imagination was used to make not one but two costumes for Christian rather than relying on something store bought.  

So Trick-or-Treat was a successful night of pulling the princess around on her thrown and a Zombie hungry for candy instead of people.  Happy Halloween!

The man who has no imagination has no wings.
Muhammad Ali


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