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Published by J.Downie under on 4:24 PM
Actually, I heart the creativity of the artists on Etsy.  I never really "shopped" around on it before but one day I was surfing the net and came across an article on PA's Etsy artists. Keystone Edge created a gift guide of PA Etsy shops.  It highlighted creators of clothing, arts, kids toys and much more. However, it totally missed one of my favorite Etsy artists, LauraThreadz
Laura makes beautiful patchwork clothing and accessories.  I think her work is more like classy hippy.  ;)   The high quality craftsmanship is where these "hippy" pieces meet the class. Any concert going phan would feel like a million bucks to be spinning around to the sounds at that sold out show while wearing one of her colorful apron shirts or beautiful hand-stitched skirts.  You can see that her patchwork has a lot of time, dedication and love put into each and every piece.  The hand selected color palletes compliment each design she creates.  She's also one of my favorite Etsy Artists because I know she's a kind, delightful, generous, hardworking mother of twins. Knowing you're buying a quality item from a quality person makes it that much better.
So go shopping for some Valentine's Day presents or just a treat for yourself at Etsy.  There's some really great unique items on that site.  Like this key chain.  If my husband bought me this here key chain, I'd feel real dog-gone special. I know how much he likes his beer so he'd must really like me a whole lot. : ) No seriously, I thought it was cute especially since we both like beer.

And if I knew how to crochet, I'd make these tiny little booties. Maybe even in a larger size for me. Or maybe even ones that would fit over a pair of heels.  Yeah, you know you want to rock that.
Extra-large prints of the colorful, whimsical majestic ocean would fit perfectly in our wood panel living room.  Hopefully the tranquil feeling of the beach would mesh with the woods in our village creating a place of peace and harmony.

Those are just a few of the Etsy Artists that I have recently admired.

Who's YOUR Favorite Etsy Artist?


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