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Published by J.Downie under on 10:39 PM

1. I have two young kids to keep me on my toes and a husband to keep our adventure alive.

2. Our black lab mix is named Proto and Great Pyrenees mix is Daisy.

3. I live in the village.

4. I have a B.A. in Art.

5. I enjoy photography, mountain biking, dancing, snowboarding, gardening and a good beer amongst other things..

6. I don't see my friends as often as I'd like to but when I do, it's just like old times.

7. I have a vacation home in Florida. Ok well, only when I visit family.

8. My daughter talks like Cartman.

9. I love flannel sheets.

10. My husband likes to tell everyone about the time I cooked a steak in the toaster oven.  ( Electric was really expensive in Stowe, VT.  So bite me.)



I plan on utilizing this blog to share happenings of our life and surroundings. I'd also like to use it to share positive thoughts and inspiration that I find throughout life. Please feel to contact me with any comments or suggestions.